We have a luxurious Jury Team with years of experience and the know-how to provide excellent evaluation of the projects presented. Remember pitch quality will also be important.

António Vidigal

CEO of EDP Inovação

Paula Panarra

General Manager at Microsoft Portugal

António Coutinho

Executive Director at EDP Comercial

José Ferrari Careto

Executive Director at EDP Marketing

Jason Nadal

Lead Evangelist at Microsoft Portugal

Enrique Zorzano

CEO at NarrowNet

We will provide you a set of mentors that will support you along the hackathon. Below you will find some of them.

Jorge Simões

Head of Data Leap at EDP Inovação

Pedro Geirinhas Rocha

Director at EDP Comercial

Francisco Santos

Technology Analyst at EDP Inovação

Luís Calado

Startup Lead at Microsoft Portugal

Tiago Moura Antunes

Technology Expert at EDP Inovação

João Almeida

Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Portugal

Jon Gallant

Principal Dev IoT at Microsoft

Josh Holmes

Redmond Site Lead for Partner Catalyst Team at Microsoft

Manuel Dias

Business Analytics Lead at Microsoft Portugal

Michael Silva

Michael Silva

Technology Expert at EDP Comercial

Pedro Costa

Ecosystem Developer at NarrowNet

João Pimenta

Country Manager at NarrowNet