After going through our website you may still have some doubts about the competition. Below is a list of the most common questions that will help clarify any further questions.

Hackathon FAQs

Participation is free

Participating the EDP IoT Hackathon is free.
You just need to apply here we will evaluate your candidate form and let you know if you were choosen as one of the participants for our Hackathon.

Participation is open to everybody

You should participate as startup or as a team. We don't accept individual participants. We, also, only accept participants with more than 18 years old.

Hackathon start and closing event

The start and closing event will happen at MAAT - Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. The address is provided below

Av. Brasília, Central Tejo
1300-598 Lisboa

The EDP IoT Hackathon team

If you want to you can email us at e-mail.