The EDP IoT Hackathon will kick off on the 8th of February. We have prepared an amazing agenda that will definitely get you ready for hacking.


António Vidigal Paula Panarra
09:30 am


António Vidigal and Paula Panarra will deliver this keynote together and discuss the relevance of IoT in the portuguese industry.
Jorge Simões Carla Pimenta
10:00 am

The EDP IoT Hackathon

Welcome to the EDP IoT Hackaton. Jorge and Carla will do an introduction to the Program and will explain everything that will happen during this 2 week program.
10:45 am

Coffee Break - Networking

Pedro Costa
11:15 am

What is SigFox

Sigfox uses an ultra-narrow-band-based (UNB) radio technology, to connect devices to its global network. The company’s technology is key to providing a scalable, high-capacity network with very low energy consumption, while maintaining a light and easy-to-rollout infrastructure. The company operates in the ISM bands (license-free frequency bands), on the 868 MHz band in Europe, as well as the 902 MHz band in the U.S.
Luís Calado
12:00 am

The Microsoft Cloud

Luis Calado will welcome you to Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things (IoT). This session will introduce IoT solution reference architecture that describes the common characteristics of an IoT solution you might deploy using Azure services. IoT solutions require secure, bidirectional communication between devices, possibly numbering in the millions, and a solution back end that, for example, uses automated, predictive analytics to uncover insights from your device-to-cloud event stream.